PresenTense 2012 – Meet the Fellows!

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5 Minutes with Jamie Ginsberg

Who inspired you to launch this venture?

Seeing our local Jewish non-profit organizations spending money and time to reach a younger generation, without effectively using the social networking tools available.

Where will your venture be in a year?


What is your vision for the fellowship program?

Create a roadmap for non-profits to find success in using social networking tools to effectively educate their community about their programs and services.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Reaching ALL of the local Jewish non-profits!

What change do you hope to make?

Empower the core leaders of our Cleveland-based Jewish non-profits to work collaboratively for the growth and success of our community.

What person do you relate to in Jewish History?

Adam Yauch – A.K.A- MCA. He is a creative genius between audio and video crossing between counter culture and pop.

What is the biggest question you’re grappling with now?

How do I reconcile eating meat with the idea of doing the least harm possible (seriously)!!!

What is the biggest challenge facing our community today?

Communication. We spend an extraordinary amount of time and money trying to educate people as to why they should care about problems we are trying to solve and how they can help.

What is the most valuable thing learned from the program?

How to find new perspective on the problem I am trying to solve by evaluating my customer and their needs.


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