PresenTense 2012 – Meet the Fellows!

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5 Minutes with Simone Jowell

Who inspired you to launch this venture?

As a photographer, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a few supportive artists, business colleagues, and friends who inspire me. It was one of these colleagues who inspired me to apply for the fellowship.

Where will your venture be in a year?

My photographic project will be complete and displayed within the community. I will be working on other photojournalistic projects with the intent to inspire and educate my audience.

What is your vision for the fellowship program?

My vision is that all fellows have an opportunity to meet and be inspired by each other – and then bring that inspiration back into their communities.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

My challenge is to capture inspiring, emotive and sensitive images that allow the viewer to connect with the subject matter of the photograph.

What change do you hope to make?

My hope is that through my photographs, people see something of themselves. When we see ourselves in others, the world becomes a more compassionate place.

What person do you relate to in Jewish History?

Natan Sharansky – he bravely sacrificed years of his life to live with honor and personal integrity.

What is the biggest question you’re grappling with now?

The question that I grapple with is how to continue to do this work and have it be financially beneficial.

What is the biggest challenge facing our community today?

Our community is disconnected from the environment, from each other, and often from ourselves. We move through life distracted by technology and in search of immediate gratification.

What is the most valuable thing learned from the program?

The importance of promoting oneself should never be underestimated. We live in a time where there are numerous tools that are at our disposal – many of which were referred to during the seminars.


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