To Saint Petersburg… with Love!

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Guest post by Neil Waxman

Catherine Palace in Pushkin Near St. Petersburg, RussiaBe a Witness to History: join me for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland (JFC) Mission to St Petersburg, Russia October 10 – 17th.  Rising from the ashes of over 200 years of Czarist and Communist religious oppression including the 900 day Siege of Leningrad by the Nazi’s, St. Petersburg has experienced an unparalleled, modern day renewal of Jewish life, with the support and guidance of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

What to expect:

Witness and experience firsthand a current Jewish renewal movement like none other in Eastern Europe.

  • Change the way you feel about your own Jewishness: spend time with the inspirational community leaders and program participants.
  • St. Petersburg is the Venice of the North: we will have dinner on a canal boat with you Russian partners.
  • Visit Catherine Summer Palace, Peterhoff, and the Hermitage
  • Experience Europe’s second largest synagogue, the magnificently restored 125 year old Grand Choral Synagogue.
  • Visit the first Jewish building to be erected in Russia in over 100 years: see the YESOD, the Jewish Community Center, in which JFC played a significant role.
  • Reconnect to your Pale of Settlement family roots: for those, whose families immigrated from the Pale, this experience will no doubt stoke the flames of family heritage.

For more information please contact Julie Auerbach, or 216-593-2783.


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