From Russia with love – St. Petersburg Mission

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A guest post by Neil Waxman

Arrival:Thursday & Friday

Wanting to give the less experienced St. Petersburg travelers some cushion to adjust, rather than jump right into touring of programs and facilities, we took a day of touring, some of which was driven by wanting to tour Peterhof, Peter the Great’s summer palace surrounded by gardens and an unimaginable number of fountains of every size and style – all powered by gravity – before it closed for the season on Sunday. This was intended to be Versailles “on steroids”, and that is exactly what it is.


This was followed by a trip to Catherine’s Palace, which is clearly part of the trifecta of highlights on anyone’s tour of St. Petersburg. The sheer size of these buildings is practically inconceivable.

I never cease to be amazed at the magnificent beauty of St. Petersburg only to be outdone by the awe inspiring members of this Jewish Community with whom we have spent time since touch down on Thursday PM: those who are recipients of services, which we support, those who help support those programs, and the professionals who do the heavy lifting at these organizations. Continue Reading From Russia with love – St. Petersburg Mission…


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