Campaign dollars provide relief for teens under attack in Israel

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Cleveland Federation volunteers (graduates of the Community Builders Program) welcome teenagers from the South

The settlements in the Valley of the Springs, which is part of our Partnership region of Beit Shean, are opening their doors and hearts to help young people from the South.  In addition to covering all accommodation costs, all tourism sites in the region are granting free admission to anyone from the Southern region.

Tonight, a wonderful cultural event for the guests was hosted in our Partnership region and volunteers from P2K came to the event to pass out refreshments to the teenagers from the South.

Our dollars from Cleveland helped bring these teenagers to the area and we also helped fund the evening’s activities. A banner was displayed reading “From Cleveland With Love for the residents of the South”

Our new Partnership Director, Dror Gershoni, wrote the following to us an hour ago:

“I’m writing to let you know that today I felt very proud to be part of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. Your commitment and immediate response to the needs of the residents of the South has been heartwarming. Due to your dedication, more than 200 teenagers, who constantly suffer from the stress of a routine of landing rockets from Gaza, were able to relax for 3 hours, disconnect from the pressure and worries and enjoy an amazing cultural show, in which they took an active part. 

Tonight, the dark open skies of Beit Shean/Valley of Springs region were shining as they lit the strong connection between the communities.

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